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ELEGANCE MUSIC is a One Man Band musical act (performing on flute & clarinet) with a simple premise- to provide my clients with the perfect background music for their elegant functions, events, and get-togethers.  Elegance Music specializes in soft, tasteful jazz and Latin musical textures which provide a touch of class to any event.  

As an experienced musician I understand how important your event or function is, and how important a classy musical background is in providing just the right feel to the occasion. I use the same high-quality recorded drums, bass, piano and/or guitar, as you hear on the song clips on the music page. In fact, when listening to Elegance Music live, and closing your eyes, you will believe you're listening to a full band.

One advantage for venues and event organizers, of course, is that by hiring Elegance Music, they will save costs by hiring only one musician, instead of a five or six-piece band.

Think "class"

Think "elegance"

Think "beautiful music"

These thoughts always lead to Elegance Music.

Contact Elegance Music for information on how I can be of service to you in providing my special brand of "cool jazz" to your event, venue, or special occasion.