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Doug Brunelle - Flute / Clarinet / Bass Guitar

Doug is a classically-trained professional musician with more than 35 years as a multi-instrumentalist performer, playing clarinet, flute, and bass guitar in a variety of musical genres. He has played in a wide variety of musical groups, from school orchestras to professional bands, to small jazz and rock combos, big bands, and wind ensembles. He has also performed as a lead and backup vocalist in various small rock and pop bands.

He is conversant with a large variety of classical repertoire, as well as country, bluegrass, jazz and various jazz fusion styles; his 22-year career in the Army Bands included performances in all these styles of music both here in the United States and in Japan.

He has also worked as a professional sound and recording engineer, and can work with a variety of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software and systems, including the current version of Digidesign's Pro Tools. He records and produces music and has worked in this capacity for other musicians and bands.