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Premier AudioWorks – audio processing and music production via the Web - September 1, 2010

It became obvious to me, having extensive experience as a professional musician, an audio and recording technician, and a computer technician, that I could take advantage of this convergence of technologies, online file storage capabilities, and typical computer usage, making my audio services and multi-instrumental capabilities available via the Web.

Local musicians can use my services, of course, but now most musicians have computers, and high-speed Net connections.  Many of them are willing to turn to an expert to enhance, add instruments to, and mix their music project, perform film or video soundtrack post-production, editing of narration or other voiceover projects, and a host of other audio projects.

This is where I come in! I am pleased to announce a new line of business to clients worldwide seeking a fast, efficient, and easy way to enhance, add to, and process their audio and music projects:

Premier AudioWorks
Sound engineering & post-production

Web Site:

The focus of Premier AudioWorks is to provide top-notch audio services via the Web. Services include, but not limited to, editing of narrations, voice-overs, doing audio restorations, audio format conversions & transfers, optimization of audio for streaming media, adding tracks for bass guitar, flute, clarinet, piano, and a host of other virtual instruments to existing audio projects.


New Business Ventures - December 27, 2009

My long-time parallel interests of music and audio-related technologies have led me to start a couple of business ventures, which I will briefly describe here. These are in addition to my current music and business project, Elegance Music.

I have often noticed that not all musicians and artists have the interest or knowledge in the technologies available which can enhance the creative process and serve as a vehicle to market their art. It's unfortunate, because part of the joy in creating art is the ability to share it with others, and the bigger the audience, the more likely it is that others will support our art. To lose out on the opportunity to expose our artistic efforts to a wider audience because of some technical limitation or problem in our hardware or software is a waste of good talent.

Since I have been a professional musician as well as a computer tech for decades, I figured it was time to put some of my skills in this area to good use helping others - providing computer help and consulting services to all musicians and other artists in need of computer expertise, and those who want to acquire custom turnkey digital audio workstations. This might involve helping musicians with their current problems with media-creation software such as Digidesign's Pro Tools, or perhaps evaluating their computer systems and their artistic goals to recommend audio equipment which would help them reach their artistic vision with a minimum of hassle, and with maximum return on their investment in equipment. My business channel to provide these services is:

"Bridging the gap between the arts & entertainment community and the computer world"

Web Site:

In addition to the Computer Help venture, I have found that many musicians and other artists who use sound, don't have the means or the technological knowledge to record their art, whether it is for commercial distribution, a demo, or other purposes. And many creative people don't have the interest to acquire the audio equipment, nor to learn the skills necessary to professionally record themselves. Since I do have the equipment, knowledge, and skills necessary to make professional-quality audio recordings, I felt that making my expertise in this area available to help others would make a lot of sense, and benefit everyone involved. Whether it is a voice-over artist looking to make a demo recording, or a solo musician, musical duo or an entire band, artists can affordably obtain recordings to use for demo purposes, to market their art online, or make CDs to sell on gigs. To this end, I'm pleased to announce my services with:

"Providing all of your recording/mixing/mastering needs"

Web Site:

I have started this on-location recording and audio production venture to meet the need for high-quality, portable, on-location recording services here in the San Diego area, as well as providing custom mixing/mastering of multitrack projects to the client's specifications. My focus, with this venture, is to provide the solo musician, singer, voice-over artist, theater group, band or vocal ensemble a professional-quality audio master, either for release on the retail market, or for a high-quality demo recording in the media format of your choice. Music, and audio technology, have been passions in my life, for most of my life, and I bring that passion, musical knowledge and experience, as well as my engineering skills, to each client's project.

See the above Websites for a listing of my services, for the two businesses.

Our current CD - "A Taste Of Elegance" - September 1, 2009

From the very beginning of this project, I knew that we could produce a CD "in-house" which would showcase some of our material and allow our many fans to enjoy our music, even though they don't live in Southern California and so can't see us perform live.  I have done sound recording for most of my life, and when I started rehearsing these songs with Paula, I looked forward eagerly to recording sessions which would capture our sound for all to hear.

This CD, like most commercially-produced albums, is a result of many hours of work rehearsing, recording, and mixing.  But it has been a fun project too, because Paula and I both love this music.  We hope our affinity for the material comes across in our performances, as well as on this recording.

Beautiful music in San Diego - June 2, 2009

ELEGANCE MUSIC is pleased to announce the availability of a One Man Band musical act performing a genre much needed in Southern California, but seldom heard- soft, elegant, tasteful music, sometimes jazzy, sometimes swaying with the tropical sounds of Samba or Bossa Nova.

This is perfect music for intimate settings such as private parties, dinners, and other venues requiring soft background music that is always tasteful and never harsh. Elegance Music provides the sound of a full band, even though I perform as a solo instrumentalist on flute and clarinet.

In these times of tighter entertainment budgets, Elegance Music fills the need for more cost-effective, high-quality live music. Please contact Elegance Music for further information on how I can set the perfect mood for your function or venue. You won't find a better choice for refined, elegant music in Southern California.

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